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Contingency Planning
Contingency Planning
Preparing for Unexpected Disaster

When a disaster occurs, school administrators and building managers must operate calmly and effectively to contain and minimize the extent of the damage. Having a proactive plan in place ahead of time not only saves time and money, but protects the integrity of school officials and building managers.

A key to any Disaster Plan is to have a proven catastrophe contractor on record and at your disposal. They should be specialists who know how to handle disaster restoration from start to finish, able to both manage the disaster site and perform the necessary work. The contractor should be pre-approved by the school administrator or building manager in order to perform the necessary emergency work and complete the entire restoration process.

The Gerloff Company is here to help you with your personalized Disaster Plan. Please call us at 210-490-2777 or send us an e-mail to James Gregory to set up your appointment with key personnel. We will design a plan - absolutely free of charge - that is tailored to your specific needs, that will fully prepare you for a disaster, whether it is a fire, flood, tornado or hurricane.