Fire Investigation Lab
Fire Investigation Lab

The 1,400 square-foot, climate-controlled Laboratory is an excellent setting for performing Third Party Examinations and Cause and Origin Analysis. The Laboratory consists of an examination area, two private offices, and full bathroom with shower. We also offer a 30,000 square-foot secured storage facility with a designated area for evidence storage. The Laboratory coupled with our secured evidence storage facility makes it convenient for all your examination needs.

The Laboratory is equipped with a 5-ton hydraulic lift and a 16-foot overhead door. These items create an ideal atmosphere for conducting forensic vehicle examinations. The laboratory is also equipped with a state-or-art video surveillance system covered by 8 cameras to cover all of the processes in the examination area.

The Gerloff Laboratory offers the following equipment, personnel and services to assist your examination needs:

Microscopy with 5mgp Camera Photo CD of Examination Unskilled Labor
X-Ray (Real-Time) Senior Lab Technician Lunch (if requested)
Portable X-Ray Staff Technician Evidence Storage
FLIR Infrared Camera Forklift with Operator Auto & RV Evidence Storage
8x10 Color Prints Automobile Mechanic  
Color Laser Prints Skilled Labor  

For price quotes or to scheduled your next examination, please contact our main office at (210) 490-2777 or toll-free at (800) 486-3621.