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Cleaning & Restoration
Cleaning & Restoration (Before)
Cleaning & Restoration (After)
Cleaning & Restoration (Before)
Cleaning & Restoration (After)
Cleaning & Restoration (Before)
Cleaning & Restoration (After)
Disaster Relief…Restoring Your Life Back to Normal

Gerloff Company Contents Division offers complete on location fire clean-up services. We offer 24-hour a day, 7-day a week emergency response disaster relief with crews mobilized and en route within 90 minutes upon notification.

Quick and Professional Damage Assessment

Quickly assessing the damage and beginning a restoration process can prevent further damage! Our knowledge and expertise becomes very important during that time to properly deodorize personal property and structure following a fire loss. Smoke damage resulting from a fire needs a professional to determine the restoration process, as each loss must be approached on an individual basis. Factors such as the type of fire, the intensity of the fire, and the type of material to be deodorized all must be assessed before a plan is developed and put into action.

Structure Cleaning
Contents Cleaning
Moving Services

One of Gerloff Company's specialties is the capability to clean fire-damaged structures. We use the latest in odor removal technologies, including large area thermal fogging, ozonation, and chemical-free subtractive methods that are guaranteed for life.

Cleaning contents, such as drying and restoring computers, electronics, furniture, clothing, fine art and electronic media from any fire-damaged building requires special care and technique. Our skilled technicians are trained to remove soot and stains from damaged goods to restore them back to original condition.

If your unfortunate loss requires moving services, our trained personnel can provide complete pack-out and move-back services. Your belongings can be inventoried with our state of the art bar-code inventory system and stored safely and securely within our 68,000 square feet of vault and storage facilities.